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Welcome to the website for Q107-WMQT, Upper Michigan's most listened-to radio station. Here, you'll find things to do...chances to win...and an opportunity to see what's going on at the station and in the minds of the people who work there.

As always, if you have any thoughts, concerns, musings, ideas, ponderings, or comments, we'd like to hear them!!
Just E-MAIL us , and we'll get back to you!


They climbed our transmitter tower again on Wednesday, April 9th, and brought down all the bad equipment. Just how bad was it?

That's steel & copper...melted by whatever happened up there the night of January 3rd. The next step, weather permitting? Seeing if it can get fixed, bringing it back up, plugging it in, and see if everything does indeed light up. We're hoping to get to it soon, but as everyone who's been following along with this saga knows, “hoping” and reality don't often occupy the same time frame.

But we'll see. So keep keeping your fingers crossed, please!


04/16/2014 09:15:56 AM -0400

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Greetings Loyal Listener!

Let me say first off, thank you for listening loyally! We appreciate you! I'm new in town and I feel a great responsibility to you. Please allow me to introduce myself--my name is Jennifer Stephens and I am the new host of the morning show at Q-107 WMQT. We decided to get really wild and crazy and subversive and call it “The Jen Show”. I'm actually not technically, completely new in town as I get credit for time served. I am a proud Wildcat alumni. After attending Northern Michigan University I have maintained a lengthy, loving, long-distance affair with one of the coolest places on earth. I am ecstatic to be back permanently after decades of maintaining ties with family here, visiting for ski trips and annual gems like Seafood Fest/Harbor Fest.

I'm already driving everyone on staff here crazy because my frame of reference is over 20 years old! (I still call Younkers- Prange's).  I drove around for almost an hour the other day trying to go grocery shopping at Angeli's and sadly -- just asked an old college friend if he wanted to meet me at the Donors Room. I have such warm, wonderful memories--camping and the rope swing out at Forestville, the National Hockey Championship, driving out to the island to say 'Hi' to The Lake. The day I pulled into town with the moving crew from Chicago we stopped at The Portside for their breadsticks with the garlic cheese spread--they are still exactly the way I remember them...delectable and aH-mazzzing. It's reassuring to see all the old stalwarts like Getz's and Johnson's Printing where I had my first resumes made, the ore dock and Picnic Rocks and of course the soundtrack to all of it has
always been Q-107!! To be a part of such a legacy station is an honor I am ready to prove myself worthy of.

So enough reminiscing!! I'm excited to get reacquainted with places like Togo's(does everyone still do #8?), but I want to explore everything new too and that's why I'm reaching out to you! First and foremost -- I need to find the cutest place in the world to live. I need to find a nice salon where I can get my hair and nails done. Where do you go? I'm a coffee freak - where is a really cool place for great coffee? What do you think is the perfect diner for Sunday breakfast? And where oh where can I shop for anything and everything! My favorite verb! Shopping! Shopping for clothes, shoes, home decor, books, pet supplies, gardening supplies and accessories. I need to start fresh with everything from a new mechanic/auto repair and maintenance garage to a glass shop to repair the antique mirror that froze and shattered during my move :( Stupid cold weather. Help!

I need ideas for fun stuff to do, resources I can use as a new resident and businesses that need my loyal patronage. If there is something out there near and dear to your heart and you'd be generous enough to share it with me.... I would be grateful for the advice.

I would love to hear from you. Please e.mail me about anything and everything. I'm only half of the show; I'm a skilled professional and I make some interesting points but I'm nothing without you! Here is our number in the studio, our Q-Line - write it on your child's forehead: 225.1077.  Any and all feedback is encouraged. Let us know what you do want to hear on the station or what the heck-a-roni - you can even let us know what you do NOT want to hear. Our moniker is 'radio put together by you' and we mean it.  It's not just some vacuous promise to get you to listen.

I have never seen a group of harder working people than the staff here at WMQT. They are a humble and earnest crew. They care about this community and they love this radio station. Management believed enough in me to get me up here and now I'm ready to prove myself. I love radio. I love what I do. I love having fun with listeners! Harry Bosch says 'Everybody counts or nobody counts' ... you matter to me. You were listening to Q-107 long before I arrived and I want to do whatever I can to ensure that you stay. I have many ideas for the morning show and would love to hear yours!

The first thing we need to do is find a local photographer who can make me look like Catherine Zeta-Jones -- know anyone?

See ya on the radio!


Congrats are going out to Bre Young of Marquette, who's heading to Las Vegas as the winner of “Your Voice” contest with TV-6.  Here's Bre with some dork photo bombing her picture!


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