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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:36 PM

This week’s pet is Gracie, owned by Brenda of Negaunee.

Says Brenda: I adopted my 'baby girl' from the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter a few years back when she was just a pup. She is an awesome dog, SO SWEET! However, she is Australian Shepherd, which makes her an excellent herding dog. And she is also extremely needy by nature.

Every morning as I walk into the kitchen, after just rolling out of bed, she stands up and puts her paws on my shoulder. I tell her, "'good morning & what a beautiful girl she is" while I scratch behind her ears and give her a hug. If this routine is deviated from in any way, the consequences will be swift. I have tried to by-pass this step while trying to get to the bathroom quickly and been rudely reminded that she is a 'herding dog.' This reminder comes in the form of being hit in the back of the knees while still half asleep and ending up on the floor. Totally my fault, she is operating on her instincts and I was just operating on a weak bladder.

I try to get up and continue walking to the bathroom, (which is now a mute point), but find it very difficult because I am being followed by two dogs & two cats. All I can think about is 'Thank God the bird is in her cage!'

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