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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:24:59 PM

This week’s pet is Katy May, owned by Don & Doris of Calumet!

Katy tells the story in her own words! 

“I am the proud owner of awesome parents, Don and Doris, Life is a Journey, Climb Aboard is their motto.  Let me tell you some things about why life is such a journey and how I have become an important part of their lives.    I was born on January 3, 2010 and my birth mother put pictures of me on the internet to see if someone out in the world would adopt me.  At this exact same time, Don and Doris from Michigan were thinking they were ready to bring a puppy  into their busy lives and after searching many different breeds and doing a lot of “homework”, they found cute pictures of me, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Of course they could not resist and WOW was I lucky.  Here we go with the first chapter of this journey.  Can you believe they drove 6 hours to pick me up in Minneapolis, Minnesota when I was only 9 weeks old?   As soon as I saw them I knew for sure that they were perfect for me.  They were so cuddly and warm on that cold March day.  I curled up in my new mom’s
lap and slept the entire way home to Calumet, Michigan.   I did my best to make a good first impression, pee peed when we stopped and even got some treats on the ride home.   Oh boy, Oh boy. I knew for sure this was going to be good.

When we got home, we had play time with the new toys they bought me and met some of  the people in this family.  Then it was time to go outside. I was so little I could not even make it down the back steps.   I was not sure at first after seeing  this cold white stuff on the ground and they wanted me to do WHAT in that stuff.  Of course, I had to be a good girl and do my duty, not forgetting that I still had to work on impressing Mom and Dad.  It was a lot of fun catching the flakes in my mouth.
My new kennel is oh so cozy,it is just pure heaven curling up in those soft pink blankies.  The kennel is my “safe place” and am a good girl when every morning I curl up in it so mommy and daddy can go off to work.  But when I hear the garage door go up at noon I know daddy is home to play and mommy would be home a few hours later.  I just love getting outside, watching dad mow the lawn from my perch on the deck.  He rides along and says “almost done Katy”, I patiently sit and wait for him to finish his chores so he can play Frisbee or fetch the ball with me.  I have a best friend, Drummer, the beagle who lives up the street.  I get into big trouble when I run up the street by myself to visit him.  Dad comes running after me and scolds me on the way back home.  He doesn’t want me to get lost.

The chapters of my journey are filled with new experiences.  Learning to climb the stairs was a treat, after going up three and falling back down a few times I finally got the hang of it.  Walking with a leash was tricky because there is so much to sniff and I was back and forth all over the road, I am getting good at it now though, showing off for mom prancing as if I was in a dog show.  Going to the park for walks and picnics are fun.  Packing up, going to the park in the largest dog house/hotel on wheels for weeks at a time is a blast.  I don’t really want to mention the time Mom and Dad left me by myself and got into Mom’s crocheting and had pink yarn from one end of the RV to the other.  I had fun, but Mom didn’t think I was a very good girl.  I won’t do that again.  I’ve been fishing a few times in the boat but really do not like wearing that bulky life jacket, plus it is hard to find a spot to relieve myself so Dad goes back to the dock and takes me for a walk.  
Swimming in the waves in Lake Superior is more fun.  Trying to get acquainted with my cousin Zetty, a Westie, has not been easy.  He likes to nip at my long tail and ears.  I am a lover not a fighter, but one of these days watch out Zetty, I may have to fight back. 

In November,  2010 I took my first airplane ride to Dallas, Texas.  I rode under the seat in front of Dad in a new kennel.  The ride was awesome, I slept the whole way.   I met more of my family, lots of kids and they even had a dog named  Cody, a Bishon.  Back at home the weather was very blustery, it was difficult doing my duty in snow drifts and I was so happy to hear that we were going away to enjoy warm weather for the winter.    On December 20, Mom, Dad and I started our trip to Florida in the truck pulling the RV, someone even called me a “snowbird”.  Yeah right. As soon as the truck started I curled up in my kennel and was fast asleep.  After four days we arrived at a place called Imperial Wilderness in Naples, Florida.  The chapter we are in right now is GREAT, SUPER!!!  I have met so many friends, everyone pets me, tells me I am cute and I love to go on my long walks around the park.  We are staying in this paradise until May and after a few months in Michigan, we
return to Florida. Hip, Hip Hooray.   Until then, farewell Ben, Chloe, Bosco, Moxie, Sadie, Argus, Harley, MacKenzie, and my other doggie pals and of course I can’t forget all of my neighbors and friends throughout the park.  A special thank you to Edith and Adam who check in on me when Mom and Dad have to leave for a few hours .  

P.S.  I will tell you a secret, don’t tell anyone but:   The best thing about this chapter,  I realize that I finally have Mom and Dad all to myself, all day long, because they both retired from their jobs.  Although they are both only in their 60’s, I hear  them always say that it is time to start enjoying life and I thank the Lord that I am an important part of their lives.  I am always ready to climb aboard whenever they want to start another chapter.  I do promise to be a good doggie throughout this marvelous journey.   Just don’t forget my blankies, toys and treats.

 From Katy May and my parents, Don and Doris Poshak  (aka “those two from Michigan who are always walking  the black and white dog”, that’s me!!!!) 

This story of the first year of my life was written by my Mom, Doris.  I can assure you it  would be an honor  and privilege to be given the title of Jill’s  Pet of the Week.   References available upon request.

Keweenaw’s Katy May
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”


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