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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:24:59 PM

This week’s pet is Betta Blue, owned by Therese in Marquette!

Says Therese--“Here is a picture of my pet fish…Betta Blue. He’s a very smart fish who
knows his name when I call him (especially for his breakfast!) 

I’ve had him for about 3yrs now, which is a good time span for a betta, also known as a “Siamese fighting fish”. Though, if properly kept & fed a correct diet, bettas can live to 5yrs & even up to 10yrs.

Betta Blue has a buddy in a nearby bowl named Ruby Red (a red betta). They have to be in separate containers since male bettas are notorious for “Fish Fights”…not a pretty sight! But, the two of them watch each other; I guess just waiting for that possible day!

All I know is that I enjoy watching him puff up his fins & swim around his  tank, just acting like the “King of the World”, at least his world, of course!

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