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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:21:01 PM

First of all, let me start by introducing my girls.  

Guida is 5 years old and she came into our home soon after my husband and I were married.  At the time, I was a cat hater.  Seriously, I HATED cats!  I thought they were sneaky little stinkers and really quite gross.  My husband knew that if I just had a chance to know a cat personally, I would fall in love.  So when my Aunt brought over a kitten from her Mother’s cat’s litter, I was FURIOUS!  I did NOT want a cat in my house...period!  So after getting guilted by Shaun telling me (as if the cat were talking, no less) that “I’m going to get made into chop suey if you don’t take me home”,  I relented and we took this small tuxedo cat home with us.  Over the next few weeks and a lot of growing pains, I had a bonding moment with Gwee.  Shaun had to work one Saturday and the cat jumped in my lap and started pussy-footing my arm and sucking at my sleeve.  Because I didn’t know that a cat normally did this, I assumed that because she was so young, that she needed milk.  So
about three saucers later (she knew Mom’s weakness now) she and I became buddies.  Then before I knew it, she was sleeping with Mom and Dad and taking over the house.  Everything was for Guida’s comfort.  Spoiled?  Yes.  Spoiled rotten?  Never!

Then after about a year, we decided that Gwee needed a friend.  She was lonely during the day, after all!  My Aunt’s Mother’s cat was having another litter, so we got Gwee a sister!  Gouda is 4 now and has been a “Mama’s girl” from just about day one.  She will follow me wherever I go and is very talkative.  They both have such distinctive personalities and I love them so!  I told Shaun I went from hating cats to thinking I’d throw him out before my girls now. (GRIN!)

So now we have Gwee and Goo and they’re like our children.  They’re a delightful addition to our happy home and now I think I like cats more than Shaun does, and he was originally the cat fan.  
I hope you have a wonderful story about how your pets came into your lives.  I want to hear it!  Upper Michigan would like to know why your pet is so special and why they’re such an important part of your home.

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