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Pet of the Week 02/03/2014 09:10:12 AM

This week’s pet is Tazmania, owned by Therese in Marquette!

Says Therese--“Here are a couple of pix of my soon to be 13yr old Yorkshire Terrier. Her name is Tazmania (Taz or Tazer for short) She is a feisty little girl, weighing in about 6lbs. Her birthday is May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) & original came from Dallas, Texas. Tazer rules the roost & has for many years, through other big dogs in our household. She's been buddies with other Yorkies we had, a Rottweiler & now Roxie, our Pit Bull/Rottie mix. One of Tazer's favorite past-times is chasing chippies & squirrels in the back yard. She also plays what I call the "Stupid Game" with Roxie. This game involves leaving her biscuit out & hiding under the hutch, sneaking out just in time to snatch it back! She usually wins...but she IS getting up there in years. However, she's just my little "snuggle-butt"...especially cuddling in bed with TONS OF KISSES!”

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