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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:34 PM

This week’s pet is Nickolas, owned by Kim of Ishpeming.

Now, Nickolas is a very special pet.  Here’s what Kim has to say--

“My pet is neither dog nor is a sugar glider.  

A lot of people don't know what a sugar glider is and most of the time I tell them it is sort of like a cross between a bat and an American flying squirrel.  The different aspects of a sugar glider is that they are a marsupial.. they are nocturnal... they are about very small.  They are no longer then the size of your hand minus their long somewhat fluffy tail.  They have amazing black markings on their dark gray fur.  They are soft and very social. They have a life span of up to 14 years. Their home land is Australia and Indonesia.

My pet is Nickolas  AKA Ninny

He is a male sugar glider, Jan. 30th of 2010 he will be out of pouch for 2 years.

I had bought his mother, Sassy and his father Snuggles from a women I know in Wisconsin.  They were six months old at the time.  After I had them for about 5 months sassy had tell-tail signs of carrying two joeys in her pouch.  

Nickolas and his brother were out of pouch on Jan 30 2008 and were no bigger in size then your pinky, no longer then the from the tip of your pinky to the knuckle.

Sadly, they still need to nurse and Sassy refused to let them back in pouch! So, they both got dehydrated quickly.  It is not un-heard of for a new mother to reject her first litter of babies.

I was unable to get Nickolas's brother to the vet in time, but managed to get Nickolas in.

It took two weeks of a sugar/water mix (which was in a form of a shot which had to be given in the back of his neck every two hours) along with puppy milk which i had to give to him thru a syringe into orally.

Today, he is very healthy, spoiled, and happy baby. Well, my baby anyway!

He cuddles up with me to sleep during the day.  He comes looking for me if I am not in the room when he wakes up in the evening hours.  He is very friendly to everyone.  Oh, and his most favorite food is Hidden Valley Ranch dressing which he gets on a piece of lettuce or carrot as a treat.  Truth be known once he licks all the ranch off, he hands you back the veggie hoping for more dressing on it.

And that is my odd ball, loving, and cute pet Nickolas.


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