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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:22 PM

For the week of March 2nd, “Squeakers” is our Pet Of The Week”.  Dianne Gaboury nominated her cat, and here’s her story--

“This is Squeakers.  She is almost four years old.  We adopted her from the Marquette Humane Society in June of 2008.  

Squeaker's Story:

My kids are 15 & 18 and have always wanted a pet.  I have allergies, so it was not an option...or so I thought.  Last year, my daughter and I had been browsing the Marquette Humane Society web site and were basically, dreaming out loud.  "This one is so cute...oh, look at that one!  And that one!"  Somehow she was able to talk me in to getting a cat.  I knew I didn't want a curtain climbing kitten, but I wasn't totally opposed to a more "mature" cat who didn't require too much.  We (my son, daughter and me) decided to head to the Humane Society on a Saturday morning.  We coo'ed over the cute little
kittens and aw'ed over the lazy, sleeping older cats.  We spent some time in the "visitation room" with a few of the "inmates".  As my son was leaning down to look in the cage below Squeakers' cage, she reached out and batted him on the top of the head. We took that as a sign.  We asked if we could spend a little time with her and she was such a loveable baby girl, rubbing against our legs and purring.  We took her home and have been spoiling her ever since.  Well, "I" spoil her, or so I'm told by my family.  She is the first one I look for when I get home from work each day.  I think my kids are spoiled of the attention she gets from me, but what can I say?  She doesn't want anything from me other than loving...and I'm perfectly happy to give it to her.  (smile)”

Remember--you can nominate YOUR pet to be our “Pet Of The Week”.  Just go back to the previous page, and fill out the form!

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