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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:22 PM

This week, meet Indy!

Indy’s owner is Allison of Marquette, and here’s what she had to say--

Meet Indy, my ten month old pug/beagle mix (which for those of you who speak hybrid is a “puggle”). When he was eight weeks old, and still living at his breeder’s home, one of the puppies in his household came down with Parvo and it spread around his litter. The breeder called me the morning I was supposed to pick him up and told me that she would have to keep him for a couple more weeks to ensure he didn’t come down with the nasty sickness. It was then that I decided to name him Indy, short for Indiana Jones, because I figured that Indiana Jones always got himself out of whatever trouble he found himself in… and hopefully my puppy would as well. Thankfully, Indy turned out to be completely healthy, and I was able to bring him into my home a few weeks later!!
Indy has since then acquired a number of nicknames, despite the fact that his name is already technically a nickname. These include: little poop, poopie, puggle (he is more often than not called by his breed rather than his name), poogle, puglet, and Inge (for all you Tigers fans out there) plus many more we will likely make up in days to come.
Indy has more personality than any dog I have ever met. His hobbies include eating the cat’s food, wagging his tail so hard his whole body shakes, tearing apart stuffed animals (thankfully his own!), and chewing on our other dog, Jessie’s tail. He also has many talents including dancing on his hind legs when provoked with peanut butter on his nose, and yawning on command when his back is rubbed. He also prides himself, despite his small size, in developing a quite sophisticated security system for our household, which involves barking at anyone (dog, cat, human, or alien) within a hundred yards of our household, even if they are clear across the street.
While Indy is typically a very good doggie, he does find himself in his fair share of trouble. However, he has found a surprisingly effective defense mechanism for resisting our dreaded “bad dog” scoldings. Whenever he is in trouble he will flop down on the floor directly on his back, and cock his paws in the air as if to say “ you can’t be mad at me… look at how CUTE I am.” And you know what? It works.
For all these reasons stated above, and many many MANY more, I think that Indy deserves a moment in the limelight as Q107’s Pet of the Week.


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