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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:34 PM

This week’s pet is Bailey, owned by Cassandra of Marquette!

Says Cassandra--“I adopted my cat Bailey from the Marquette Humane Society. Lonely
looking for something to come home to I went there looking to find a bundle of joy that deserved a second chance. I wanted a cute little kitten as most, but within my price range I was unable to afford a $100 or so for the little ones that would require so much care. I went into a room and saw this grey cat all by himself in the corner and thought to my self what about him.  I picked him up and we bonded instantly. When I went up to the members of the Society to do the paperwork and so forth they looked at me with a
weird look and muttered well I never thought that I see Oscar leave this place. I took Oscar home that night and thought to myself....that poor guy does not deserve the stigmatism that he got, nor did he need that name.  Bailey did not look like an Oscar. So I change his name and gave him a few days to settle. With no time at all he warmed up to me and was jumping up on the bed to snuggle, giving me back rubs while I did homework and trying new things such as the first time I tried a Pomegranate. He has become my best pal and whoever said that a dog is a man's best friend, has never met Bailey.”

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