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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:22 PM

This week’s pet is “Zooby”, owned by Shannon.

Zooby is a 4 year old Australian shepherd that I adopted from an animal shelter in Denver, CO, after my previous dog passed away.  I had been "dogless" for about 3 months before I got him.  I was considering acquiring a miniature aussie from a breeder, but felt that the cost and distance to get one was too much, and besides, there were lots of dogs needing homes at the local animal shelter.  I had been interested in a dog I had seen online and finally went to see it.  The dog wanted nothing to do with me and went off and peed on everything.  So I looked at another dog, but this dog wanted too much to do with me and wouldn't get out of my lap.  So, I looked around again and came upon a kennel with 2 dogs in it, a basset hound and an aussie.  I took the aussie out to look at him and he immediately interacted with me, went off and sniffed a little, then came right back.  I knew this is the type of dog I was looking for to do dog agility with; willing to work with me, but a bit

I took him home the next week and named him "Zooby" on our way home, after a pain medication they had given me for his neutering surgery.  Since then, Zooby and I have been inseparable. He is an extremely smart dog, and knows over 40 different cues (and growing!).  I found this out when he was a puppy and caught him "nosing" my alarm clock to make it go off because he knew that would wake me up!  We do obedience and agility together all the time, and have started doing work with a talent agency.  Zooby is also my therapy dog, as I have a chronic health condition, and I am currently training him to pick up my pen when I drop it during my treatments which I do at home.  Zooby came to me during a difficult time in my life and I truly believe he was sent to me for a reason.  I continue to learn and grow from him everyday and eagerly await what the future holds for us, he's my miracle.


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