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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:24:56 PM

For the week of March 9th, “Snoopy” is our Pet Of The Week”.  Donna Filizetti nominated her dog, and here’s her story--

Snoopy's Story:

My name is Donna and I live in Ishpeming.   Our dog's name is Snoopy and he's 4 years old this April.  He's a jack russel/pekenise mix.  I think Snoopy should be the Pet of the Week because he's so loveable and very mild mannered.  He will pretty much let you do whatever you want to him!  As you can see, my 2 daughters Amanda and Lizzy enjoy dressing him up!  He will even let you put glasses on him!  My husband Roger does that to him all the time!!  Snoopy loves kids and animals of all kinds.  we have a bunny that lives in our yard and he loves to try to play with it, but of course, the bunny won't let that happen.  Snoopy loves going for walks in his cool skull sweater, that my daughter insists he wear every time she walks him.  Snoopy has been an excellent companion and a very good friend to the entire family.  Sometimes he can get into mischief, but we tend to overlook it when he looks at us with those big brown eyes!  Jack russels seem to have alot of energy and Snoopy sure shows us that side of him.  when you say the word treat, he will bounce straight up off the floor, to almost half my height, and keep doing this until he gets his treat.  He's a smart, loveable animal and we wouldn't want him any other way. 

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