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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:21:07 PM

This week’s pet is Musty, owned by Jackie Kosey.

I want to nominate my dog Musty, a four year old Maltese/Yorkie (morkie)  because she is such a big part of my "family" and is a selfless and courageous animal.

Musty had a litter of pups a year ago on April 7th.  The pups were all healthy and beautiful.  I kept the runt of the litter and had a hard time weaning her.  I had to put a onsey on Musty to keep the baby away.  Good thing because towards the end of her lactation my aunt called with news that she knew a lady who had two Yorkie pups that were orphaned.  We decided to try and have Musty accept the babies as she still had some milk production.  The pups came over and Musty took to them immediately licking them as if to say "come here you, you need cleaning" just like they were her own.  It was very heartwarming and she cared for them for 2 weeks and helped them thrive.  

Musty should be the pet of the week cause she is a valued part of our family and has the sweetest and most delightful temperament, she deserves to be recognized!


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