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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:24:57 PM

This week’s pet is Roxy, owned by Kristi of Marquette

This cute little furball is Roxy.  We adopted Roxy from the Humane Society in November of 2008.  She was sick, and weighed just over 1 pound!  My husband and I nursed her back to health with a lot of loving care, and she's now over 7 pounds and the vet says she is the picture of health.  Roxy loves to play with Tootsie Pop Suckers - they fascinate her for some reason!   She's also a little gymnast.  I found her hanging from our curtain rod the other day, trying to figure out how she was going to get down from there (or maybe she was trying to figure out how she got there!).  Every morning,
right before it's time for me to get up for work, Roxy jumps on the bed, crawls under the covers, lays on my side and purrs.  Roxy runs our house now, and we love her sooo much!  


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