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Pet of the Week 01/08/2015 03:18:36 PM

This week’s pet is Sparky, owned by Donna of Calumet!

Here’s what Donna says--“Our dog Sparky is for sure in the running for pet of the week!  Sparky aka Boo-Bear is a 6 year old pug, who is the most loyal dog I have ever owned. Sparky will wait every day in the front window until I arrive home from work. At times we have to lock him in the house or the sun would fry his brain out there. We keep the air on all day for all 4 dogs, but Sparky insists on waiting for hours in the window! One day upon arriving home I discovered a very young Sparky sleeping soundly in the window with his little tongue stuck to the glass.  He waits for me to go to bed and gets up with me at all hours.  He is an awesome loyal  dog! What is even more amazing is how kind and loving Sparky really is to others. We dog sit for a darling little yorkie mix named Emmy 4 days a week, and when our 2 other female dogs were reluctant to accept Emmy into the pack, Sparky blazed the trail . He made them all one big happy pack! Awesome little boy, the Sparkster is one of
a kind!  Boo is our choice for pet of the week!

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