Welcome to another way to interact with your favorite radio station, with WMQT's "At Work/Online Network"!  Not only can you listen on the air like you always have, you can also log on and take part in special website activities throughout your workday.

What are the 3 most important songs in your life right now?  We wanna know, because we want to share them with all of Upper Michigan!

That’s right; let us know your 3 favorite songs, and we’ll put them on the air as YOUR “Personal Playlist”.  Just drop us an
e-mail, letting us know what the three songs are, who YOU are, and a daytime phone number at which we can reach you.  Doesn’t matter what kind of music it is, and it doesn’t matter if the songs are old or new.  If you like ‘em, we wanna hear about ‘em.

So think it over, and send us your very own “Personal Playlist”!

Finally, don't forget to listen to "8 From The 80's" every lunch hour during the network.  The final two songs always have something in common; if you couldn't figure out what that was, we'll post the "answer" to it here every day.


On Friday, April 8th, we listen to a song title so nice they used it twice (with parenthesis!) when we check out Elton John's “Sad Songs (Say So Much)” and Billy Ocean's “(There'll Be) Sad Songs”.