Jim (or, as some of you may know him, “That dork on the radio”) is a Marquette native who left the area for a few years last century, found a job he liked, moved back to Marquette, and has not since looked back.  For over a quarter century now (seriously?) he's been Program Director and the person who helps you get through your afternoons.  He keeps saying that one of these days he'll get a real job, but hey—why get a real job when you get paid to have fun every day?

Aside from being “That dork on the radio” Jim's also “That dork on TV”, as he is the host of Public TV 13's “High School Bowl”, as well as “That dork who babbles about history”, as Jim puts on (usually) less than serious programs for the Marquette Regional History Center that seem to invariably center on either old buildings, fire, bootleggers, or hookers. Or any combination thereof.

Jim also travels whenever possible, enjoying his yearly trips to Europe in the company of his wife Loraine.  While there, he acts as driver & staff photographer, and tries not to embarrass his dear wife while attempting to act as translator. 

In his spare time, Jim is a beach freak, an obsessive chocoholic, and an avid non-smoker.



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