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Jim Koski

Here's one way to feel real old--start writing a biography that says "since before the turn of the century".  Unfortunately, I don't have a choice in the matter.

Since before the turn of the century, I've been at Q107-WMQT.since September 1988, in fact.  Born in Marquette, I decided to return home following too many years of school at Michigan State and an illustrious career in TV in Flint.  He hasn't regretted it since.

A local history buff and avid summer beach-goer, I have what someone once described as "the world's strangest collection of interests", including photography, cooking, writing, running, old-time radio, Looney Tunes, and zydeco music.  I'm also very involved in many local organizations, including positions on the boards of directors for the Marquette County History Museum, the March of Dimes, and NMU's student radio station, WUPX.  And, in my spare time, I'm also an avid non-smoker.

I seem to be able to retain obscure facts about movies, as well; probably a good thing, seeing as how I've been asking movie trivia questions on the air since 1991.  And if you must know, my favorite movie of all time is the original "King Kong".  And no, I'm not quite sure why.

I live in Marquette with the lovely and buff Loraine, a converted Troll.  In fact, neither of us would live anywhere else.

Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer is a native of Detroit and hails most recently from Chicago. She started her career right here in Marquette after proudly graduating as a Wildcat. She held several positions at local stations before relocating downstate to her childhood home after her father refused to stop supplementing her income. The underpinnings for a lengthy career of very early mornings on the radio started at WHYT-FM in Detroit along with contributions reporting and anchoring news down the hall at WJR. After that Jen was off to Grand Rapids as News Director and co-host of the John Howell Morning Show on WGRD-FM.

Fast forward to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania not to be confused with Pittsburgh where Jen's mother thought she lived for 10 years (seriously!) ...... where Jennifer spent a decade as News Director and co-host of the Don Cannon Morning Show on WOGL-FM and contributed to the newsroom on AM sister station WCAU and CBS network headquarters in New York on weekends. Next it was back to the Mid-west and the city of Chicago where Jen has spent the last 17 years successively; co-hosting with Kevin Matthews on WXCD and contributing on AM sister station WLS in the newsroom locally and at ABC Network news in New York, co-hosting mornings with Bill Leff on WNND, co-hosting with Scott MacKay on WLS-FM and co-hosting the Jimmy and Jen Show with Jimmy Novak at WXLC. Jennifer also held various news anchoring positions at both WBBM-AM and WLS-AM news radio stations in Chicago.

Jen is beside herself with glee at the opportunity to leave the 2 hour commutes on the Kennedy expressway behind and embrace the star-filled sky over Lake Superior. She loves reading newspapers and books and holding both of them in her hands not clicking through them on line. She loves napping, Starbucks, shopping, gardening and beer-in that order! Guilty pleasures - any of the Real Housewives shows and Hello Kitty. But her warmest passion is dogs. She lost both of her precious pups 2 years ago and is finally ready to start a new chapter with a puppy sometime soon.

And Jen continues her tireless work to promote and elevate radio - THE coolest medium that ever was and ever shall be. You can find her inside your radio every morning on Q-107 waiting to inform you, engage you and laugh with you.

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