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Movie Trivia 10/22/2014 09:16:14 AM

Every weekday at 325 eastern, you can play MOVIE TRIVIA with Jim Koski. It's an Upper Michigan tradition...for almost 15 years!

But you still can't get enough, right? Well, that's where this page comes's a BONUS question! Get the answer right, and your name is thrown in the pot for a FREE Foot Long Sub any Upper Michigan Subway Restaurant! We have a new question and a new winner weekly, so answer early, answer often, and good luck!

         QUESTION FOR THE WEEK OF 10/22/2014
         Last Week's Question

Last week's question--which one of these three classic actors never walked away with an Oscar for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor—John Wayne, Clark Gable, or Cary Grant? As hard as it is to believe, it's Cary Grant, who just received one of those honorary “Here's an Oscar for not actually winning an Oscar” right before he died. Congrats go out to Connie Johnson of Marquette!

         This Week's Question

This week's question (it's “Dirty Dancing” week on the air)--what was Baby's real first name in “Dirty Dancing”?

If you think you know the answer, just E-MAIL the answer in (including your real name and snail mail address, in case you win) and keep listening!!

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