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Upper Michigan's Most Listened To Radio Station

01/08/2015 03:18:32 PM

Where’s Santa?
Added 12/21/2007

Santa’s Home Page!
Added 12/18/2007

“Spinal Tap”. . .Done With Legos??
Added 12/14/2007

The ULTIMATE Candy Site!
Added 12/13/2007

Some Odd Holiday Music
Added 12/11/2007

The Ugliest House In America!
Added 12/10/2007

Vote For The “Word Of The Year!”
Added 12/05/2007

You Think YOU’RE A Pack Rat?
Added 12/04/2007

Want Your Fortune Told? (thanks, Paul)
Added 11/27/2007

US-41 In Ye Olden Days!
Added 11/26/2007

‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving!
Added 11/21/2007

See How Big Your Carbon Footprint Is!
Added 11/12/2007

The Ultimate 80’s Music Quiz!
Added 11/06/2007

66 Celebrities Who Write Blogs
Added 11/05/2007

Celebrity Pumpkins????
Added 11/02/2007

See "The Last Supper" In AMAZING Detail!
Added 10/30/2007

Bored At Work? Play With Balloons!
Added 10/26/2007

A Guy Runs Away From His Camera
Added 10/24/2007

Find Out About YOUR Hometown!
Added 10/22/2007

People Who Jump!
Added 10/19/2007

Pieces Of Cheese Visit Famous Places!
Added 10/17/2007

Make Love Go Around The World! (thanks, Rene)
Added 10/12/2007

People Who Answer The Nigerian Prince Willing To Share $20 Million With You
Added 10/08/2007

Oh, Look--Pictures Of The Insides Of Refrigerators!
Added 10/05/2007

The Museum Of Food Anomalies (thanks, Leanne)
Added 10/03/2007

Great UN-Motivational Posters
Added 10/02/2007

Some Of The Worst Movie Trailers EVER!
Added 9/28/2007

Who Needs Fantasy Football When You Have This?
Added 9/26/2007

Like Old Diners?
Added 9/24/2007

Every List You Could Ever Think Of!
Added 9/21/2007

You Know It's A Holiday Today?
Added 9/19/2007

Quirky Genius Or Real World Cast Member?
Added 9/18/2007

What Was The Number One Song The Day You Were Born?
Added 9/14/2007

Write Yourself The Weirdest Of Notes!
Added 9/12/2007

And You'd Dress A Chicken In A Suit WHY?
Added 9/10/2007

The Sad (And True) Story Of An Upper Michigan Hero
Added 9/07/2007

A Rather Interesting Personality Test
Added 9/05/2007

43 Things To Do Before You Die
Added 8/31/2007

Here's One Way To Play With Food!
Added 8/23/2007

6 Foods You DON'T Want To Eat!
Added 8/21/2007

Indulge Your Inner Artist
Added 8/15/2007

It's A Holiday This Saturday!
Added 8/07/2007

This Is "Interesting"!
Added 8/06/2007

News Headline Or Scooby Doo Plot?
Added 7/30/2007

What Happens In The World, Hour By Hour
Added 7/27/2007

EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted to Know About Game Shows
Added 7/23/2007

The World Cell Phone Tossing Championship???
Added 7/20/2007

Puzzles To Drive You Insane!
Added 7/18/2007

Wanna Know A Song From A TV Commercial?
Added 7/11/2007

Rock Out With The Best!
Added 7/09/2007

Follow Marquette's 4th of July!
Added 7/03/2007

The Baby Boomer Memory Bank
Added 6/28/2007

It's Like A Spyrograph!
Added 6/19/2007

Check Out The "'Cat Cam" (thanks again, Leanne!)
Added 6/15/2007

Pictures Of Fireplaces??? (thanks, Ron)
Added 6/12/2007

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know
Added 6/08/2007

Watch The Pipecleaner Dude Dance! (thanks, Leanne)
Added 6/07/2007

Help Save Internet Radio!!!
Added 6/05/2007

Someone Doesn't Like Their Xbox!
Added 6/04/2007

Get Postcards From Around The World
Added 5/31/2007

Some Guy Decides To Visit Every Starbucks In The U.S.
Added 5/29/2007

Need A Smile Or Three? (thanks, Ron)
Added 5/25/2007

A Turtle That Paints??? (thanks, Kira)
Added 5/23/2007

See Where Michigan Highways End!
Added 5/21/2007

Play Some Cool Low-Tech Games (thanks, Michaela!)
Added 5/17/2007

Be Thankful YOU Don't Go To Work This Way!
Added 5/16/2007

Find A Song Title Just By Singing It (Honest!)
Added 5/09/2007

Someone Takes Pictures Of Doors (thanks,Ron!)
Added 5/07/2007

The Ball Factory
Added 5/03/2007

Which "Star Wars" Character Are YOU?
Added 5/01/2007

Do You Remember THIS?
(And Do You Know Who Put It Up?)

Added 4/24/2007

Oh No--We Missed This Holiday!
Added 4/20/2007

The Stray Shopping Cart Project
Added 4/18/2007

Is It "Pop" Or "Soda"?
Added 4/17/2007

Leftover Easter Candy? Make A Cake Out Of It!
Added 4/13/2007

A Guy Who Likes "Thriller" WAAAAAY Too Much
Added 4/11/2007

How To Hunt Chocolate Easter Bunnies
Added 4/06/2007

Do You KNOW What's In Cigarettes? (Thanks, Jim)
Added 4/04/2007

Send A Message To Yourself--In The Future!
Added 3/30/2007

Get Strange News & Stranger Facts
Added 3/28/2007

Ah, Look At All The Cute Animals!
Added 3/26/2007

How To Take A Road Trip
Added 3/23/2007

Drink Too Much Last Night?
Added 3/21/2007

Waste Some Time At Work RIGHT NOW!!!
Added 3/19/2007

What Happens When You Drink Pop & Eat Mentos
At The Same Time?

Added 3/16/2007

Play With Some String!
Added 3/14/2007

Strange Irish Breakfasts
 (In Time For St. Pat's Day; thanks Andrew!)

Added 3/13/2007

Need To Keep A Kid (Or Yourself) Occupied? (thanks, Pam!)
Added 3/08/2007

Only The Best Cereal In All History
Added 3/06/2007

53 Os--The End Of The Web
Added 3/01/2007

Frank's Museum of Really Bad Record Albums
Added 2/27/2007

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
Added 2/21/2007

Watch A Block Of Cheese Age
Added 2/16/2007

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Site!
Added 2/14/2007

Elect a Headless Chicken President
Added 2/08/2007

See Some Marquette County History (thanks, Cyndy!)
Added 2/06/2007

Pick The Seven Wonders Of The NEW World
Added 1/30/2007

Follow The Big Race!
Added 1/26/2007

Better Than The Oscars--The Razzies!!
Added 1/24/2007

Ever Wonder Which Old Song Is Sampled In A New Song?
Added 1/15/2007

What Kind Of American "Accent" Do You Have? (thanks, Cyndy!)
Added 1/12/2007

Just What DOES Make One A Yooper? Answer Here!
Added 1/08/2007

A Married Couple Tries To Cook!
Added 12/29/2006

Count Down to 2007!
Added 12/29/2006

Didn't Like The Gift Cards You Received For Christmas?
(thanks, Vick!)

Added 12/27/2006

25 Ways To Annoy Your Roommate During The Holidays
Added 12/20/2006

Home Of The Greatest Christmas Cartoons EVER!
Added 12/18/2006

Create A Snowflake For Charity!
Added 12/15/2006

Festivus, For The Rest Of Us!
Added 12/13/2006

DON'T Wear (Or Buy) These Over The Holidays!
Added 12/12/2006

How To Write A GOOD Holiday Newsletter
Added 12/07/2006

Live Your OWN Version of "A Christmas Story"
Added 12/05/2006

20 Worst Movie Titles in History
Added 12/01/2006

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!
Added 11/28/2006

The "True" Story Of Thanksgiving
Added 11/22/2006

555 List (of fame phone #s used in movies)
Added 11/21/2006

Movie A Minute
Added 11/17/2006

Some Cool Shots Of Great Lakes Shorelines (thanks, Cyndy):
Added 11/15/2006

Get Ready For Deer Season!
Added 11/14/2006

The Edmund Fitzgerald Online
Added 11/10/2006

The Random Name Generator
Added 11/08/2006

Follow All Action On Election Day!
Added 11/07/2006

Movies That MIGHT Have Been.
Added 10/27/2006

How Many Of YOU Are There?
Added 10/24/2006

Take A Look About 30 Seconds Into This Video!
Added 10/17/2006

Perhaps THE Longest Domain Name Ever (thanks, Lana!)
Added 10/17/2006

Names You Never Knew Existed
Added 10/12/2006

Stick Figure Death Theater
Added 10/10/2006

Tombstone Generator (Put Your Epitaph On A Tombstone)
Added 10/05/2006

Boogers--A Celebration
Added 10/03/2006

Can You Stare Down Sally??
Added 09/28/2006

See How Long YOU Can Hold It!
Added 09/27/2006

Look For Toys In the Woods! (thanks, Neil)
Added 09/19/2006

Is It Art? Is It A Waste Of Time?
Added 09/14/2006

Perhaps The Weirdest Celebrity News EVER????
Added 09/12/2006

Follow Jim On His European Trip! (just click on "photo center" once you're on the site)
Added 08/28/2006

A Poem? About The Seney Stretch?
Added 08/21/2006

Museum Of Food Anomalies
Added 08/18/2006

A "Magical" Video (thanks, Jessica!)
Added 08/15/2006

The Web Address Says It All!
Added 08/11/2006

It's Maritime Month!
Added 08/09/2006

Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer
Added 08/07/2006

2000 Alternate Uses For Peanut Butter
Added 08/02/2006

White Bread Rules!
Added 07/27/2006

The Page That Turns You Into A Cabbage
Added 07/21/2006

The Official Guys Are Scum Page
Added 07/13/2006

Be a Cyber-Slacker
Added 07/11/2006

Go Sightseeing With Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Added 07/07/2006

PLEASE Don't Make Your Kids Wear A Mullet!!
Added 07/05/2006

Check Out The Celebrations In Marquette!
Added 06/30/2006

The Law Of The Playground!
Added 06/29/2006

A Can of Black Beans Travels Around The World
Added 06/22/2006

The Hip Hop Name Generator!
Added 06/15/2006

Look! Cute Animals!
Added 06/13/2006

Join The “Kill Ned Flanders” Movement!
Added 06/09/2006

See Your Favorite Stars Doing Japanese TV Commercials!
Added 06/08/2006

Toss Paper Into A Wastebasket!
Added 06/02/2006

The OFFICIAL Memorial Day Site, Believe It Or Not
Added 05/26/2006

Small Town Troublemakers (Hopefully, Not YOU!)
Added 05/25/2006

The Age Gauge (thanks, Cyndy!)
Added 05/23/2006

The Evolution Of Dance (In Video!)
Added 05/17/2006

Some Guy Eats 2 Quarts of Mayonnaise In An Hour
Added 05/09/2006

See If YOU Could Survive In Darfur
Added 05/05/2006

The Temple Of The Spinning Head!
Added 05/03/2006

Another Honor For Da U.P.!
Added 05/01/2006

What Hath Tom & Katie Spawned??
Added 04/28/2006

Sign The Governor's Gas Price Petition!
Added 04/26/2006

Figure Out Your "Brand" Name!
Added 04/24/2006

It Came From the 1971 Sears Catalog!
Added 04/18/2006

YOU Tell This Guy What To Watch On TV Tonight!
Added 04/11/2006

All Hail Sea Monkeys!
Added 04/10/2006

Stop Celebrities From Giving Their Kids Weird Names!!
Added 04/07/2006

This One Ties In (Kinda) With Jim's Blog For Today
Added 04/05/2006

The Psychic Puppy Network!
Added 04/03/2006

Smash The Sandwich!
Added 03/31/2006

Name That Candybar!
Added 03/29/2006

Drive Your Coworkers Insane With Singing Llamas!
(thanks, Justine)

Added 03/27/2006

Take The Movie "Invisibles" Quiz! (thanks, Matt)
Added 03/23/2006

Make Your Day Interesting!
Added 03/20/2006

Ever Been Dissed By A Guy?
Added 03/17/2006

How To Play With Office Supplies
Added 03/15/2006

Driveways Of The Stars!
Added 03/13/2006

See "The Simpsons" Open. With Real People!
Added 03/10/2006

Everything You EVER Wanted To Know About Popcorn!
Added 03/09/2006

Watch The Movie "Brokeback To The Future" (it's funny!!)
Added 03/03/2006

How To Tie Your Shoelaces (In Case You Forgot)
Added 03/01/2006

Have A Sense Of Humor About The President?
Added 02/23/2006

When You NEED To Get Off The Phone!
Added 02/21/2006

Check This Out (and think about it for a second)!
Added 02/15/2006

The Gallery Of Creepy Valentines!
Added 02/14/2006

Other People Named Stephen King!
Added 02/13/2006

Need a Little Vengeful Advice?
Added 02/06/2006

(thanks, Elan!)

The Duct Tape Cam!
Added 01/31/2006

Scary View Of What Your Future Might Be Like!
Added 01/27/2006

Watch The Baby, Well, Just Watch!
Added 01/23/2006

Play The Celebrity Game!
Added 01/19/2006

This Is How A Computer SHOULD Treat You!
Added 01/17/2006

Watch Animated Bunnies Act Out Your Favorite Film!
Added 01/12/2006

The Four Word Film Review!
Added 01/10/2006

Discover The TRUTH About Your Online Date!
Added 01/09/2006

Watch The Dancing Sandwich! (Thanks, Kim)
Added 01/05/2006

Save Jim's Favorite TV Show From Cancellation!
Added 01/03/2006

Don't Like A Christmas Gift?
Added 12/29/2005


Is It Art? Commerce? Both?
Added 12/27/2005

Track Santa As He Delivers Around The World!
Added 12/22/2005

A 'Star Trek' Night Before Christmas
Added 12/20/2005

25 Ways To Annoy Your Roommate During The Holidays
Added 12/19/2005

We Hope You DON'T Get These Holiday Cards!
Added 12/15/2005

Clips From Classic Holiday Cartoons!!!
Added 12/13/2005

What Kind Of Gift Giver Are YOU?
Added 12/12/2005

Festivus For The Rest Of Us!
Added 12/09/2005

The Museum of Online Museums
Added 12/08/2005

A Guy Who Sticks Stuff On His Cat
Added 12/06/2005

An AWESOME Look At Marquette County's Lake Superior Shoreline!
Added 12/01/2005

A Psychic That Really DOES Know What You're Thinking!
Added 11/29/2005

A Site For The Holiday!
Added 11/23/2005

Smash The Sandwich!
Added 11/21/2005

Wonder What Song's On What TV Commercial?
Added 11/16/2005

The Bitter Single Guy's Relationship Advice Site
Added 11/14/2005

A Support Group For Guys Named, Uhm, Mike
Added 11/10/2005

The Title Says It All.
Added 11/07/2005

Name That Candybar!!
Added 11/02/2005

Create Your Own "South Park" Adventure!
Added 11/01/2005

Celebrate the holiday!
Added 10/28/2005

Promote Cap'n Crunch to An Admiral!
Added 10/25/2005

The Institute For Naming Children Humanely
Added 10/24/2005

Tech Support Bloopers!
Added 10/21/2005

Real People With Rude Names!!
Added 10/19/2005

Oh Pity This Poor Sportscaster
Added 10/18/2005

Like 70's Stuff? You'll Like This Game!
Added 10/13/2005

Check This One Out For Yourself!
Added 10/11/2005

Trekkers Should LOVE This!
Added 10/10/2005

Make Fun Of Celebrity Fashion!
Added 10/05/2005

A Political Funny...Go To Google, Type In "Miserable Failure",
 And See What Pops Up First!

Added 10/03/2005

EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted To Know About U.P. Highways!
Added 9/29/2005

How To Play With Office Supplies!
Added 9/28/2005

Watch Duct Tape, LIVE!!
Added 9/27/2005

Rate The Celebrity Fashion!
Added 9/23/2005

Are You Up To The Challenge?
Added 9/21/2005

Other People Named Stephen King!
Added 9/19/2005

Have A Job To Offer?
Added 9/12/2005

Can You Help Out?
Added 9/08/2005

Wonder Where Your Socks Go In The Dryer?
Added 9/07/2005

I Can't Afford My Gas!!
Added 9/02/2005

Eric Conveys An Emotion
Added 9/01/2005

The Cute Kitten Generator!
Added 8/30/2005

How Well Do YOU Know Your Dr. Seuss???
Added 8/24/2005

How Did YOU Do?
Added 8/22/2005

The Late Night Cable Movie "Plot Generator"!
Added 8/15/2005

A Guy Wants To Visit Every Starbucks On The Planet!
Added 8/11/2005

It's Finally Here!
Added 8/09/2005

Is Your Web Page Good Or Evil???
Added 8/08/2005

Ever Wonder About.?
Added 8/05/2005

Give Your Website A Lame Domain Name!
Added 8/03/2005

The Fella Whose Big Toe Could Predict Earthquakes!
Added 7/27/2005

May The Cheese Be With You!
Added 7/26/2005

Tell Lindsay Lohan To EAT Something!
Added 7/20/2005

The Society For Creative Procrastination!
Added 7/18/2005

More KI Sawyer Biographical Info (Thanks, Kim!)
Added 7/14/2005

Play With The Faces Of Your Favorite Celebrities!
Added 7/05/2005

Join In The Fun!
Added 7/01/2005

DON'T Eat These!!
Added 6/30/2005

Everything you EVER Wanted To Know About Your Favorite Pop!
Added 6/29/2005

Why YOU Should Donate Blood!
Added 6/27/2005

Which Do YOU Call It?
Added 6/22/2005

Get Political!
Added 6/21/2005

See What's In A Guy's Wallet
Added 6/09/2005

A Beer Can Travels The World!
Added 6/08/2005

Smash The Sandwich!
Added 6/02/2005

Scratch & Sniff Theater!
Added 5/31/2005

Some Guy Has A REAL Problem With Money!
Added 5/24/2005

Dump A Guy You Met In The Bar!
Added 5/23/2005

Get Yourself A Useless Work Memo!
Added 5/17/2005

The 20 Worst Movie Titles in History
Added 5/16/2005

2000 Alternate Uses For Peanut Butter
Added 5/12/2005

A Woman Answers Men's Questions!
Added 5/11/2005

Are You A Lowlife?
Added 5/10/2005

Celebrate Mother's Day!
Added 5/5/2005

Get Weird Al Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!
Added 5/4/2005

We've ALL Been There...
Added 4/28/2005

Tombstone Generator
Added 4/27/2005

The "Stare Down Sally" Game
Added 4/26/2005

Mullets Forever!!
Added 4/25/2005

Famous Monkeys Through History
Added 4/19/2005

Added 4/18/2005

The Newest Sport, Extreme Accounting!
Added 4/14/2005

The Random Name Generator
Added 4/11/2005

How Long Can YOU Hold It?
Added 4/07/2005

Stick Figure Death Theater
Added 4/06/2005

Advice No One Should Take!
Added 4/05/2005

Bored? Play Hangman!
Added 3/31/2005

Clip Art Art!
Added 3/29/2005

How Much Gas Does YOUR Car Burn (& Cost You Every Year)?
Added 3/28/2005

The Dancing Herves!
Added 3/24/2005

Elect A Headless Chicken President!
Added 3/23/2005

Who's Your Best Celebrity Love Match?
Added 3/21/2005

Need Some Property?  Buy It On The Sun!
Added 3/17/2005

The Song-O-Matic!
Added 3/16/2005

Find Some REALLY Bad Movies!!
Added 3/15/2005

A Page Full Of Big Heads!
Added 3/08/2005

Get A Free Credit Report, Thanks To The US Senate!
Added 3/07/2005

Pigs Dance A Polka!
Added 3/03/2005

What Do Critics REALLY Think Of Movies?
Added 3/01/2005

It's Not Mr. Potato Head...It's Michael Jackson's Head!!
Added 2/25/2005

Feathered Hair Forever!!!
Added 2/23/2005

Are You A Caffeine Addict?
Added 2/22/2005

The 100 Best TV Theme Songs Of All Time?!?!?
Added 2/16/2005

The Life Of One American Soldier In Iraq
Added 2/15/2005

Poetry For Valentine's Day!
Added 2/14/2005

Bob Saget Is God??????????
Added 2/9/2005

Slack Off At Work...You Deserve It!
Added 2/7/2005

The Women's Winter Tour (do it this weekend)!
Added 2/4/2005

The Band-O-Matic!
Added 2/2/2005

Beware The Fashion Police!
Added 2/1/2005

Play 20 Questions!
Added 1/28/2005

The Shrine To Don Knotts!

Added 1/20/2005

The Museum Of Weird Auctions

Added 1/19/2005

The Bad Sweater Guy!

Added 1/18/2005

See The Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King!

Added 1/17/2005

A Site You Hafta See To Believe!

Added 1/11/2005

Blogs For Cats!

Added 1/06/2005

The Best Movie Mistakes Of 2004!

Added 1/04/2005


How To Break Your New Year's Resolutions

Added 12/29/2004

The Dumbest Political Quotes Of 2004!

Added 12/28/2004

Track Santa On His Yearly Run!

Added 12/23/2004

Get The Lowdown On Classic Holiday Cartoons!

Added 12/21/2004


Added 12/20/2004

The Reindeer Liberation Front

Added 12/16/2004

A Puppy's 12 Days Of Christmas

Added 12/15/2004

A CD-ROM Christmas Tree!

Added 12/14/2004

25 Ways To Annoy Your Roommate During The Holidays

Added 12/13/2004

The Gallery Of Unfortunate Christmas Cards

Added 12/09/2004

Dictator or Sitcom Character?

Added 12/08/2004

Add A Cowbell To A Classic Song

Added 12/02/2004

Write Yourself An Essay!

Added 11/30/2004

The World Travels Of A Can of Black Beans

Added 11/22/2004

It Came From The 1971 Sears Catalog!

Added 11/18/2004

Totally Useless Office Skills!

Added 11/17/2004

Dancing Badgers!

Added 11/16/2004

Not Happy With The Way The Election Turned Out?

Added 11/15/2004

Smash The Sandwich!!

Added 11/10/2004

Take The 80's Music Quiz!

Added 11/08/2004

Go Sightseeing With Jean-Luc Picard!

Added 11/04/2004

Stand-Up Comic Bingo

Added 11/03/2004

Wanna Know Where You Vote?

Added 11/01/2004

Peas That Sing & Dance!

Added 10/27/2004

It's A World-Wide Phenomena!

Added 10/18/2004

Someone Needs To Get A Life

Added 10/13/2004

Cult Of The Hovering Cow

Added 10/12/2004

How To Survive Like It Was Recess

Added 10/11/2004

A Fashion No-No!

Added 10/07/2004

Do You?

Added 10/06/2004

When Bad Things Happen To Good Stuffed Penguins

Added 10/05/2004

The Bitter Single Guy's Relationship Advice Site

Added 09/28/2004

Are Your Favorite Celebs Dead Or Alive?

Added 09/24/2004

How Long Will YOU Live?

Added 09/21/2004

Funky Afro & The Haircut

Added 09/15/2004

Tech Support Bloopers

Added 09/14/2004

Pick The Worst

Added 08/25/2004

Some Guy Eats Two Quarts Of Mayo In An Hour!

Added 08/20/2004

For The Civilized, Uhm, Gorilla

Added 08/18/2004

Fun With Tie Wraps!

Added 08/16/2004

Celebrate The Weekend!

Added 08/12/2004

Are You A One-Hit Wonder?

Added 08/11/2004

Buy Dehydrated Water!

Added 08/09/2004

"Spiderman 2"...But With LEGOS!

Added 08/04/2004

Relive the Decade of Polyester!

Added 08/02/2004

Real People With Rude Names

Added 07/28/2004

The WEIRDEST Illusion You'll Ever See!

Added 07/26/2004

Kerry Or Bush? (as seen on TV!)

Added 07/23/2004

Strange Ads From Finland

Added 07/20/2004

This Dude Needs Free Stuff!

Added 07/19/2004

What's YOUR Brand Name?

Added 07/15/2004

What Does YOUR Phone Number Spell?

Added 07/12/2004

See The Best Political Ads Of The Past 50 Years!!

Added 07/08/2004

A Dude Who Collects Grocery Lists!

Added 07/07/2004

Only Have One Eyebrow?

Added 07/06/2004

Spend The 4th In Marquette, No Matter WHERE You Are!

Added 07/02/2004

Make Your Own Fireworks!

Added 06/29/2004

The Psychic Puppy Network!

Added 06/23/2004

Guess The Distorted Celebrity!

Added 06/21/2004

The Institute For Naming Children Humanely

Added 06/18/2004

What's In My Desk Drawer?

Added 06/15/2004

The Broken Link Page

Added 06/14/2004

The Title Explains It All!

Added 06/10/2004

Is Your Web Site Good Or Evil?

Added 06/05/2004

MORE Fun With Bubblewrap!

Added 06/04/2004

To Make You Think!

Added 06/02/2004

Listen To Celebrities Spout Off!

Added 05/28/2004

Get A Lame Domain Name!

Added 05/27/2004

A Dude With A Big Toe That Predicts Earthquakes

Added 05/25/2004

May The Cheese Be With You!

Added 05/21/2004

The Gallery Of Regretable Food!

Added 05/17/2004

The Random Cute Kitten Generator

Added 05/14/2004

Bad Food & Bad Clothes!

Added 05/12/2004

Make Eric Show An Emotion!

Added 05/11/2004

See An Ape Ride A Horse & Sing Johnny Cash Songs

Added 05/10/2004

Doodle Of The Day!

Added 05/04/2004

Turn Anything Into Cabbage!

Added 04/29/2004

The Subservient Chicken!

Added 04/27/2004

A Virtual Tour Of Doug's Wallet

Added 04/23/2004

A MOST Livable Community!

Added 04/22/2004

Knock Down The House Of Cards!

Added 04/21/2004

Play With The Faces Of Your Favorite Celebrities!!

Added 04/16/2004

Tim's Scratch & Sniff Page!

Added 04/15/2004

Get Ready To See O.A.R.!!

Added 04/12/2004

Which Is More Minty?

Added 04/09/2004

Tips From Experts On How To Find Easter Eggs

Added 04/08/2004

The Law & Order Random Plot Generator

Added 04/07/2004

How Long Can YOU Hold The Button?

Added 04/06/2004

Were The Smurfs Communists?

Added 04/01/2004

Pop Culture Landmarks!

Added 03/31/2004

People's Recently Discovered Grocery Lists!

Added 03/25/2004

Duct Tape Your Friends To The Ceiling!

Added 03/23/2004

Kill The Fly!

Added 03/23/2004

St. Patrick's Day Galore!

Added 03/18/2004

Marquette...Cool City!

Added 03/12/2004

The Cynic's Hall Of Fame

Added 03/11/2004

Viva La Pillow Tag Revolution!

Added 03/10/2004

The Virtual Bathroom Wall

Added 03/05/2004

Since 1974!!

Added 02/27/2004

Get Yourself A Superhero Name

Added 02/26/2004

The Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

Added 02/25/2004

Could He REALLY Be The World's Worst Singer?

Added 02/24/2004

A Virtual VCR Clock!

Added 02/20/2004

Fake Toys From the 60's!

Added 02/17/2004

101 Least Loved Valentine's Hearts

Added 02/16/2004

Cap'n Wacky's Collection Of REALLY Bad Valentines

Added 02/13/2004

Are You A Geek?

Added 02/09/2004

Think You Live In A Bad Town?

Added 02/04/2004

Save The Hubble Space Telescope!

Added 02/03/2004

Join In The Fun This Sunday!

Added 01/30/2004

Vote For John Cusack!

Added 01/29/2004

Your Most Embarrassing Moment EVER!

Added 01/22/2004

Like Bacon?

Added 01/16/2004

Read A Book...QUICKLY!

Added 01/15/2004

What The Bill Is, So Far!

Added 01/14/2004

Make Your Own Painting!

Added 01/13/2004

Find Out All About Germs!

Added 01/09/2004

Talk To Elvis!

Added 01/08/2004

A Countdown To The New Year!

Added 12/31/2003

Reindeer Liberation Front

Added 12/24/2003

The World's Most Useless Christmas Gifts

Added 12/23/2003

A Puppy's 12 Days of Christmas

Added 12/19/2003

CD-ROM Christmas Trees!

Added 12/18/2003

Holiday Jokes!

Added 12/17/2003

The Gallery Of Unfortunate Christmas Cards

Added 12/16/2003

Go Ahead! Staple Stuff!

Added 12/11/2003

A Conceptual Site, For Sure!

Added 12/11/2003

The Incredible World Of Navel Lint (collected since 1984!)

Added 12/10/2003

How To Keep An Idiot Busy For Hours

Added 12/09/2003

The Abe Vigoda Staring Contest

Added 12/05/2003

The Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything!

Added 12/04/2003

The Ultimate Cereal Guide!

Added 12/03/2003

Computer Programmer Or Serial Killer?

Added 12/02/2003

Pumpkin Lobotomies!

Added 11/26/2003

See The Frog Dance!

Added 11/24/2003

Is It Pop Or Is It Soda?

Added 11/21/2003

How Much Is Inside?

Added 11/20/2003

Forget Friendster. Try The Introvertster!

Added 11/18/2003

Which Is Worse?

Added 11/17/2003

How To Torture A Stuffed Penguin

Added 11/11/2003

Be Thankful You Can't Smell This On Your Computer

Added 11/06/2003

What "Work" Have Your Favorite Stars Had?

Added 11/05/2003

All The Poop On, Well, Poop!!

Added 11/04/2003

The History Of Candy Corn!

Added 10/30/2003

Where Single Socks Hang Out

Added 10/29/2003

How Many Inflatable Reindeer Fit Into...

Added 10/23/2003

Coffee Stirrer Central!

Added 10/22/2003

Center For The Prevention Of Shopping Cart Abuse

Added 10/21/2003

How To Tell If You're An Alien!

Added 10/20/2003

The Virtual Cootie Catcher!

Added 10/17/2003

The Psychic Chicken Network!

Added 10/15/2003

The Bad Fad Museum!

Added 10/14/2003

Free The Billboards!

Added 10/13/2003

How Much Mountain Dew Would Kill You?

Added 10/10/2003

All Hail A Piece Of Plastic!

Added 10/09/2003

Spam Haiku!

Added 10/07/2003

It's Peanut Butter & Jelly Time!

Added 10/02/2003

The Bureau Of Missing Socks

Added 10/01/2003

Bad Hair Days Throughout History

Added 9/30/2003

Watch Office Workers Dance!

Added 9/26/2003

Mom & Dad's Tuition Dollars At Work!

Added 9/24/2003

Never Wear Socks With Sandals!!

Added 9/23/2003

People Trying to Gain 30 Pounds In 30 Days

Added 9/22/2003

Find Out If You're Insane

Added 9/17/2003

Forget The Magic 8-Ball...Ask The Santa Shaker!

Added 9/16/2003

A Magic 8-Ball Autopsy!

Added 9/15/2003

Ask The Magic 8-Ball!

Added 9/12/2003

The Gallery of Regretable Food

Added 9/05/2003

Your Favorite Celebrity Behind Bars!

Added 9/03/2003

All Game Shows All The Time!

Added 8/28/2003

King Kong As A Jedi

Added 8/25/2003

The Worst Country Song Titles Of All Time

Added 8/22/2003

All Stooges All The Time!

Added 8/20/2003

A Cupcake Party!!

Added 8/19/2003

See How Dennis Did!

Added 8/11/2003

Get A Web Haircut!

Added 8/08/2003

Take A Test!

Added 8/07/2003

Billy Smith's Psychic Test

Added 8/04/2003

Rotten Bananas!

Added 7/30/2003

The Name Says It All!

Added 7/25/2003

The Inflation Adjuster!

Added 7/23/2003

Joe's Favorite Random Stuff!

Added 7/22/2003

Waiters & Waitresses Strike Back!

Added 7/18/2003

Disturbing Auctions!

Added 7/16/2003

The Invasion Of The Tar-Tars!

Added 7/15/2003

75 Years of Band Aids!

Added 7/11/2003

Interspecies Telepathic Communication!

Added 7/03/2003

The Porcelain Palace!

Added 7/01/2003

Stop Telemarketers From Calling Your House Again!

Added 6/30/2003

The Michael Jackson Baby Dangle Game!

Added 6/26/2003

Marquette County's an All America City!

Added 6/18/2003

Final Words Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters!

Added 6/11/2003

Herman's Banana Heaven!

Added 6/10/2003

Rate Your Ex!

Added 6/06/2003

Ask The Toad!

Added 6/05/2003

The Webloid!

Added 6/04/2003

The Webloid!

Added 6/03/2003

Need Jokes? Get Laughing Gas!

Added 5/30/2003

Fun With Grapes!

Added 5/28/2003

Living In Your Car?

Added 5/27/2003

The Science of Your Kitchen!

Added 5/23/2003

Play Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House!

Added 5/21/2003

The Rocklopedia Fakebandica!

Added 5/20/2003

Awesome Pictures of the Marquette Flood

Added 5/19/2003

Marquette, Michigan makes the National News!

(to bad it's not better news)

Added 5/16/2003

The Oreo Personality Test

Added 5/15/2003

Talk To Elvis!

Added 5/13/2003

The Messed-Up People Club

Added 5/12/2003

See Your Home From Space!

Added 5/09/2003

The Edge of Cyberspace

Added 5/08/2003

Squirrel Hazing--The Untold Story

Added 5/02/2003

Stress Relief!

Added 5/01/2003

The TWINKIES Project

Added 4/30/2003

Dumb Laws!

Added 4/23/2003

Famous Last Words!

Added 4/23/2003

The Strange Case Of The Lost Elvis Diaries

Added 4/22/2003

Adopt An Alien!

Added 4/21/2003

Stuck In The 70's?

Added 4/18/2003

Track Your Money!

Added 4/17/2003

Play Televangelist Bingo!

Added 4/11/2003


Like A 4th Dimensional Christmas Club!

Added 4/10/2003

Questions For Aliens Who'll Visit Us Soon!

Added 4/09/2003

Shop Where Dr. Evil Shops!

Added 4/08/2003

Road Signs Around The World

Added 4/07/2003

Wish A Gulf War II Soldier Good Luck!

Added 4/04/2003

Hold Your Own Government Briefing!

Added 4/03/2003

Fortune Balls From Outer Space!

Added 4/01/2003


The Science Of All Things Gross

Added 3/27/2003

Spam Haiku!

Added 3/27/2003

Want To Know If A Celebrity's Dead Or Alive?

Added 3/26/2003

Pong Forever!!

Added 3/20/2003

The COOLEST Picture You'll Ever See Of Planet Earth!

Added 3/19/2003

The Self-Arrest Form!

Added 3/18/2003

How To Hypnotize A Chicken!

Added 3/17/2003

The STRANGEST Clocks You'll Ever See!

Added 3/13/2003

Have An Opinion About Your Instructor?

Added 3/12/2003

Nab Yerself A "Terrorist"

Added 3/11/2003

Know A Song Lyric But Not The Name Of The Song?

Added 3/10/2003

Things You Don't See Every Day!

Added 3/06/2003

The STRANGEST Art Museum Ever!

Added 3/04/2003

Death To Legos!

Added 2/27/2003

The Mood Computer

Added 2/26/2003

Got A Minute? Read A Book!

Added 2/24/2003

Done Anything With YOUR Life Yet?

Added 2/23/2003

What To Do With Your Leftover Duct Tape

Added 2/20/2003

Just What The Name Says!

Added 2/19/2003

Find Your Vampire Name!

Added 2/18/2003

Light Up the Sky!

Added 2/17/2003

The Milk The Cow Game

Added 2/14/2003

Have A Strange Work Story To Share?

Added 2/10/2003

Sing Along At Home Or Work!

Added 2/06/2003

How Bad Is YOUR Vehicle

Added 2/05/2003

A Columbia Tribute

Added 2/04/2003

A Day Late Now...

Added 2/03/2003

The Strangest Pong Game Eve

Added 1/31/2003

Stick Figure Ninjas

Added 1/30/2003

The Stick Figure Abuse Site

Added 1/29/2003

See Someone's Cat Get Nursed To Health!

Added 1/28/2003

Proving No One's Perfect...

Added 1/27/2003

The Internet Squeegee Guy

Added 1/22/2003

The Joke-O-Matic

Added 1/21/2003

What Do Your Deams Mean?

Added 1/20/2003

The Balloon Hat Experience

Added 1/16/2003

Be Your Own Police Sketch Artist!

Added 1/14/2003

Can't Decide? A Virtual Coin Flip!

Added 1/13/2003

My Cat Hates You!

Added 1/10/2003

Groucho Marx Or Play-Doh?

Added 1/09/2003

Learn How To Wash Your Hands!

Added 1/08/2003

Build Your Own Dictionary!

Added 1/07/2003

You Have To Read'Em To Believe 'Em

Added 1/06/2003

The Michael Jackson Baby Drop

Added 1/03/2003

In case You Celebrated TOO Much New Year's Eve

Added 1/02/2003

Strange Complaints To Landlords

Added 12/31/2002

64 Ways To Be Annoying

Added 12/30/2002

The Worst Christmas Gifts EVER!

Added 12/27/2002

Track Santa As He Leaves The North Pole!

Added 12/24/2002

A "Star Trek" 12 Days Of Christmas

Added 12/20/2002

25 Ways To Annoy Your Roommate During The Holidays

Added 12/17/2002

Turn Someone's House Lights On & Off

Added 12/16/2002

Things You May Not Have Realized!

Added 12/11/2002

Afraid of Clowns?

Added 12/10/2002

Are They Or Not?

Added 12/05/2002

The Four Word Film Review

Added 12/04/2002

Blow Things Up In Microwave Ovens!

Added 12/03/2002

Opera Baby!!

Added 12/02/2002

Name That Beard!

Added 11/26/2002

Which Winona Are You?

Added 11/22/2002

Help A Lazy Slacker!

Added 11/15/2002

The Dr. Phil Random Quote Generator!

Added 11/13/2002

Someone Who's Dreams Exceeds Their Credit Limit

Added 11/11/2002

Who IS That Actor?

Added 11/08/2002

Did Your Dad REALLY Walk To School In The Dark, Through

 The Snow, Uphill Both Ways, With No Shoes On, Backwards?

Added 11/05/2002

Stop The Insanity!

Added 11/04/2002

(Strange) Food For The Holiday!

Added 10/31/2002

Stare Closely And See What's Wrong With This Picture!

Added 10/29/2002

Sadistic Experiments On Marshmallow Peeps

Added 10/28/2002

See What A Bug Sees!

Added 10/24/2002

Mixed Up Celebrity Names!

Added 10/21/2002

The "I Can Eat Glass" Project

Added 10/18/2002

Help Rosie O'Donnell In Her Legal Battle!

Added 10/15/2002

Close Your Eyes!

Added 10/14/2002

Learn How To Blow HUGE Bubble Gum Bubbles!

Added 10/09/2002

Have A Legacy Last 50,000 Years!

Added 07-30-02

Keep Track Of Celebrity Romances!

Added 07-29-02

Is This Sport Even Still Around?

Added 07-24-02

The Title Says It All

Added 07-23-02

Who Would You Kill On Sex & The City?

Added 07-22-02

Free Miss Cleo!

Added 07-16-02

Translate E-mail Into Different Languages!

Added 07-15-02

See ANYONE'S Drivers' License Picture!

Added 07-02-02

Wanna Be A Rock Star?

Added 06-28-02

It's A Man's Fault!

Added 06-27-02

A Magazine For People With No Problems

Added 06-21-02

The Gallery Of Regrettable Food

Added 06-20-02

Get Picked Up By E.T.

Added 06-19-02

Have A Bad Day At Work?

Added 06-17-02

Can't Make Up Your Mind? The Virtual Coin Flip!

Added 06-13-02

See A Really BAD Website?

Added 06-06-02

One Woman's Grandmother

Added 06-04-02

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About...uhm...Vomit

Added 06-03-02

Elvis' Jumpsuit Central!

Added 05-31-02

The Ultimate Ultimate Sport

Added 05-30-02

What Should we Call This Decade?

Added 05-28-02

Star Wars Spoofs

Added 05-24-02

Buy A Zombie Alarm!

Added 05-23-02

I'm Not Even Gonna Say Anything About This One..

Added 05-22-02

Airplane Food At It's Worst!

Added 05-20-02

What's Their REAL Name?

Added 05-17-02

Butt Ugly Decor

Added 05-14-02

Burn Ants With A Magnifiying Glass!

Added 05-10-02

As The Romance Turns

Added 05-09-02

How To Become A Ninja

Added 05-08-02

The Osbournes Files

Added 05-07-02

Pluck The Virtual Nosehair

Added 05-06-02

Signs You Have To See To Believe

Added 05-03-02

What People Had Accomplished

By The Time They Were Your Age

Added 05-02-02

Don't Like Guys With Makeup And Big Red Hair?

Added 04-29-02

The Wisdom Of Supermodels

Added 04-26-02

People Living Their Life On The Web

Added 04-24-02

Ever Wonder Who Sends Out Junk E-mail?

Added 04-23-02

Wacky Tales of Life In College!

Added 04-22-02

Who's The Coolest Celebrity?

Added 04-18-02

Celebrate Cereals!!

Added 04-17-02

Wacky Inventions That Should've Been

Added 04-16-02

Stuff Found On The Side Of The Road!

Added 04-15-02

One Way To Get A Job...

Added 04-11-02

The Milk The Cow Game (thanks john!!)

Added 04-10-02

The Museum Of Hoaxes

Added 04-09-02

What's It Sound Like backward?

Added 04-08-02

Exploding Stick Figures!

Added 04-04-02

Vote For The Messiest College

Apartment In America!

Added 04-03-02

The Post-It Note Flip Book Theater

Added 04-02-02

The 555 Phone Number List!

Added 03-29-02

The Internet Anagram Server

Added 03-28-02

Only Have One Eyebrow?

Added 03-27-02

The Gallery Of Regrettable Food:

Added 03-26-02

Submit Your Idea For The New "Three Stooges" Movie!

Added 03-22-02

Who Buys That Weird Stuff On On-line Auctions?

Added 03-21-02

Have One Without Making A Mess!

Added 03-20-02

The Fisher Price People Gallery

Added 03-19-02

Find Out What's Wrong With This Picture

(it may take awhile..)

Added 03-12-02

The Museum of Dirt:

Added 03-11-02

I Like Toby (And We Don't Ask Why...)

Added 03-08-02

Have Some Office Fun At Home!

Added 03-07-02


Added 03-06-02

The Celebrity Matchmaker Test:

Added 03-05-02

Morph Into Elvis!

Added 02-28-02

Gambling Like You've NEVER Seen It Before!

Added 02-27-02

Britney Spears in 30 Years!


Added 02-26-02

How To Kill You Computer:

Added 02-25-02

Where "Cops" Meets "Sportscenter"!

Added 02-22-02

Bummed "Friends" Wasn't On Last Night?

Added 02-20-02

Fun For The Whole Family!

Added 02-18-02

The UFO Electronic Reading Room:

Added 02-15-02

The 10 Commandments of Kissing:

Added 02-14-02

101 Least Loved Candy Hearts:

Added 02-12-02

Virtual Lite-Brite!!

Added 02-08-02

The National Association For The

Prevention of Hockey Puck Abuse:

Added 02-04-02

Failure Magazine

Added 02-01-02

Behold The Glorious Plasticware!!

Added 01-31-02

Turning Plants Into Music:

Added 01-30-02

Been Dumped?

Added 01-29-02

Get Letterman On Oprah's Show!

Added 01-28-02

A Site Way Too Bizarre To Even TRY And Explain:

Added 01-25-02

How Much Is Your Body Worth?

Added 01-24-02

Hey...Don't Even Ask!!

Added 01-22-02

See Your Favorite Celebrity And Their Police Mug Shot!

Added 01-21-02

See A Mistake In A Movie?

Added 01-17-02

Stop Britney Spears From Appearing

In The New "Austin Powers" Movie!

Added 01-11-02

Jim's Favorite Lost Cereal Of All Time Has Returned!!

Added 01-08-02

Wacky Patent Of The

Added 01-07-02

EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted To Know About Barbie:

Added 01-04-02

De-bunk E-Mail Urban Legends

Added 01-03-02

Disco Dan The Alien Man!

Added 12-27-01

How To Get Rid Of A Christmas Tree

Added 12-21-01

Elvis' Twelve Days of Christmas:

Added 12-20-01

The Disaster Almanac :

Added 12-19-01

Twas a Computer Christmas:

Added 12-18-01

The I Hate Britney Spears Site:


Added 12-14-01

The Grudge Match:

Added 12-13-01

Soda...or Pop?

Added 12-11-01

All Things Rudolph!!

dded 12-10-01

The Page That Turns You Into Elvis:

Added 12-04-01

Want A Cheap Vacation?

Added 11-27-01

Think You're Suffering From Something?

Added 11-19-01

Celebrities Looking Like Normal People!

Added 11-15-01

Groove Like They Did Back In The 50's

Added 11-14-01

Former Child Star Central!


Added 11-09-01

Advice For The Wacky

Added 11-08-01

Household Products Save The Day!

Added 11-02-01

Does Your Kid Make More Than

You Did In Allowance?

Added 11-01-01

Fun For (The Day After) Halloween

Added 10-29-01

Why YOU Probably Won't Be An Anthrax Victim:


Added 10-26-01


Added 10-25-01

The Fatlane

Added 10-23-01

Secrets Of The Magic 8-Ball:

Added 10-22-01

Cheese Wars!!

Added 10-18-01

Jeeem's House 'O Movies

Added 10-15-01

The National Toy Hall Of Fame:

Added 10-13-01

The Feathered Back Hair Site:

Added 10-11-01

The Leonard Nimoy Should

Eat More Salsa Foundation

Added 10-09-01

Enjoy Your Cereal!

Added 10-04-01

ANOTHER Site To Tell You How Long

You'll Live!!

Added 10-03-01

How Long Will You Live?

Added 10-02-01

Everything You EVER Wanted

To Know About Cartoons!

Added 10-01-01

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Shame:www.

Added 9-28-01

A Touching Tribute to Victims of

the WTC Disaster:

Added 9-26-01

Lassie Kills!!

Added 9-25-01

How To Act Convincingly:

Added 9-24-01

Another NY Hero Tribute:

Added 9-21-01

The Dialectizer:

Added 9-19-01

Help Find The Funniest Joke In The World:

Added 9-17-01

Where Did The Future Go?

Added 9-14-01

555 Phone Numbers in Movies and TV

Added 9-13-01

Virtual Memorial for NY & Washington

Added 9-10-01

Wanna Be A Loser?

Added 9-07-01

The Visible Barbie Project:

Added 9-06-01

Find Out The Music In TV Commercials

Added 9-05-01

What Elvis Would Look Like At 66:


Added 9-04-01

Which Simpsons Character Are YOU Most Like?

Added 8-31-01

Become a Citizen Of The Moon!!

Added 8-28-01

Hated A Movie Recently?

Added 8-23-01

Stretch Your Favorite Celebrities

Like They Were Silly Putty!!

Added 8-22-01

John Cusack For President??????

Added 8-21-01

Wanna Know Your Favorite

Celebrity's REAL Name?

Added 8-17-01

The STRANGEST Clock You'll Ever See:

Added 8-13-01

See Some Of The Strangest (and Worst)

Drivers You'll Ever See

Added 8-10-01

Ever Wonder About Song Lyrics?

Added 8-09-01

Because Some People Have WAAAY

Too Much Time On Their Hands:

Added 8-08-01

Put Some Excitement In

Your Life--Watch Corn Grow!!

Added 8-07-01

Distort George Bush:

Added 8-06-01

Make Twice The Money You Now Make!


Added 8-02-01

Do You REALLY Want To Get Married?

Added 7-30-01

Just How Strange IS Michael Jackson?

Added 7-26-01

Mr, Edible Starchy Tuber Head: winnie.acsu.buffalo


Added 7-25-01

Sign the Funeral Book

Added 7-23-01

Learn Your Favorite Campfire Songs!

Added 7-18-01

How To Torture Bugs:


Added 7-13-01

Whack Britney Spears!!


Added 7-12-01

One of The Most Famous Marquette

Residents You've Never Heard Of:

Added 7-06-01

The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer:

Added 7-03-01

An Elvis Search Engine:

Added 7-02-01

All Things For All People, We Guess...

Added 6-21-01

Society For the Elimination Of The

Color Pumpkin From The Web (!!!)

Added 6-20-01

Have a Lemony Blast!

Added 6-19-01

The Air Sickness Bag Museum:

Added 6-14-01

Find Out What Happened On This Day In History:

Added 6-12-01

Curious As To What They're Up To?

Added 6-06-01

He Can Dance If He Wants To!

Added 6-05-01

Lose Weight Quickly (The Interplanetary Way)!!

Added 6-04-01

Oldies Kareoke:

Added 5-30-01

Who's the Most Annoying Celebrity on the Planet?

Added 5-29-01

Play The TV Theme Song Game!

Added 5-22-01

The Art Of Shooting Rubber Bands:

Added 5-16-01

It's Finally (And Officially) Here:

Added 5-10-01

The Paycheck Calculator:

Added 5-09-01

Think You're fast??

Added 5-08-01

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Jell-O...And More!

Added 5-02-01

The On-Line Conspiracy O-Rama


Added 4-30-01

The Lowdown On E-Mail Hoaxes


Added 4-27-01

Proof Some Golf Fans Are WAY Too Weird..

Added 4-26-01

Make Your Own Fireworks Display!

Added 4-25-01

Ever Look At An Auction Site And Wonder..


Added 4-18-01

Lose Something? Find Something?


Added 4-17-01

Learn the Art Of Stair Diving

Added 4-13-01

A Propane Powered MIDI Controlled Pipe


Added 4-11-01

The Guide To Playing Rock/Paper/Scissors:

Added 4-09-01

Think YOUR Job Is Bad:

Added 4-06-01

Are You a Nerd?

Added 4-05-01

Another One Where The Title Says It All...

Added 4-04-01

Get Odds On Your Plane Crashing:

Added 4-03-01

This Title Says It All...

Added 4-02-01

The World's Fastest Lawn Mower Races:

Added 3-30-01

See What Dallas Drake Is Up To...


Added 3-29-01

Hip-Hop Scratch Simulator

Added 3-26-01

Am I Goth Or Not?

Added 3-23-01

Cinema Sausage

Added 3-21-01

This Toy Sucks:

Added 3-19-01

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Shame:

Added 3-15-01

Mr. T vs. Eminem:

Added 3-14-01

Silly Putty Galore!

Added 3-13-01

When The Mir Space Station Comes Crashing Down...

Added 3-12-01

Harrison Ford's Finger Gallery:

Added 3-09-01

Bad Movies From Around The World:

Added 3-08-01

See How "The Other Half" Lives:

Added 3-06-01

Smile When You Say That:

Added 3-05-01

Dubya Says:

Added 3-02-01

The World Adult Kickball Association:

Added 3-01-01

From TV's "Ed"...Virtual Stuckeyville!

Added 2-28-01

Britney Spears in 2032

Added 2-27-01

Mr. T vs. Britney Spears

Added 2-23-01

The Museum of E-Failures:

Added 2-22-01

Don't Like The TV Show?

Added 2-21-01

Ramen Noodles: Nectar of the Gods

(or at least college students:)

Added 2-20-01

The Magic 8-Ball on the Web:

Added 2-19-01

Dirty Little Secrets About Rock's Teen Idols:

Added 2-15-01

Strange Uses For Everyday Things:

Added 2-14-01

Cute Bumper Stickers:

Added 2-13-01

How To Drive Like A Moron:

Added 2-12-01

Heavy Metal Haiku:

Added 2-09-01

Make a Tin Foil Beanie to Keep Out Mind Control Rays

Added 2-08-01

See How Long You'll Live!!

Added 2-05-01

A Cat's Diary:

Added 1-31-01

Check out the Super Bowl Ads!

Added 1-26-01

It's just like it sounds...

Added 1-25-01

Track dollar bills across the country!!

Added 1-18-01

Dotcoms You'd Like To See Die:

Added 1-16-01

Find The Mistakes in Movies!

Added 1-12-01

Send Chuck Jones (Creator of the Road

Runner and Wile Coyote) 100,000

Added 1-11-01

Build Your Own Lava Lamp:

Added 1-10-01

Things That Have Been Sold In Vending Machines:

Added 1-09-01

The Wu Tang Name Generator:


Added 1-08-01

XThe Yuppie Test:


Added 12-27-00

Xena: Princess Warrior and Rudolph the Red-Nosed

Reindeer: The Gift of the


Added 12-22-00

Track Santa's Journey!


Added 12-19-00

Christmas Lights at Graceland!

Added 12-15-00

The Countdown Until Christmas:


Added 12-14-00

A Guy With WAY Too Many Christmas Lights:

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