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Welcome To The Weird Web Site Of The Day.

Weird Website 01/29/2015 09:16:04 AM

Lose Your Cell Phone?
Added 1/28/2009

Amazing Christmas Lights From Around The World!
Added 12/11/2009

Five Reasons Bacon Is Better Than Love
Added 12/11/2009

Disgusting Food From Around The World
Added 12/10/2009

Tricked Out Police Cars!
Added 12/10/2009

10 REALLY Bad Prescription Drug Side-Effects
Added 11/23/2009

Strange Toilet Signs
Added 11/23/2009

Life is Full of Regrets...
Added 11/23/2009

There’s No “P” In Tom Hanks!
Added 03/24/2008

Leap Year 101!
Added 02/28/2008

The Amazing Fact Generator!
Added 02/22/2008

MORE Commercials From Around The Planet!
Added 02/11/2008

You Think It’s Cold HERE?
Added 01/31/2008

Ask The Magic 8-Ball!
Added 01/15/2008

Wanna Play Q-bert?
Added 01/14/2008

The 10 Most Misleading Commercials EVER!
Added 01/11/2008

Check Out Mistakes From Your Favorite Movies!
Added 01/08/2008

Listen To the Universe!
Added 01/03/2008

IF You Party A Little Too Much New Year’s Eve
Added 12/31/2007

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